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Low Carb Quick Breads: 50 Recipes of Muffins, B...
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Low Carb Quick Breads: Over 50 Recipes of Muffins, Biscuits and Other Delicious Pastries Do you find yourself craving for that sweet pastry but you are worried about the carbs it contains? Have you been wishing to give in to your pastry craving but not get the unnecessary carbs? Do you want to make your own pastry and at the same time have a healthy version of it? Low carb pastries are indeed possible! It offers you the same taste, texture and satisfaction but without the dreaded carbs that can add to your weight or store far to your body. This book will share you with you 50 recipes to help you satisfy your pastry cravings and at the same time protect you from unwanted carbs. They are easy to make, require minimal kitchen equipment and most importantly delicious and pleasing to the eyes. Inside you will learn recipes for: 10 bread recipes 1o biscuit recipes 10 muffin recipes 10 cookie recipes 10 other pastries Once you have learned the recipes in this book, you will get to enjoy your pastries while keeping your weight and health under control! Don't wait another minute! The sooner you learn these recipes, the sooner you can have the pastries that you have always wanted! With enough recipes to last you for more than a month, you will have a new recipe every day! Don't delay. Download this book now.

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